The Dynamics of WOW!

My last blog describing the welcome we received in Seoul, South Korea highlighted the delivery of a hospitality welcome which created special feelings and lasting memories.  In writing about the experience I also defined a family dynamic that bridged time, geography and cultures.

The Hospitality Industry should – must – do the same every day in as many ways as possible:  deliver excellent guest experiences while celebrating the differences and similarities among the people who are their guests.  To do both these things well is dependent on the dynamics of the entire staff.   A cohesive team culture is required.

The fabric of the whole family, community or team is comprised of the interweaving of love, respect, position, care, structure, duty, and mutual sensitivity to each other.  The pattern of the weave is as varied as the group.  The way group members interact creates the defining characteristics of the entire group.

In hospitality, the respect for and care of each team member is critical to developing and retaining the talent needed for delivering the best guest experience.  The cohesiveness of the team impacts the business results in terms of speed and level of success achieved.

What are the dynamics of your hotel or restaurant team?

How do you, as managers, foster positive teamwork?  

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