Multi-Tasking is Multi-Distracting

Have  you noticed how exhausting it is to retain a single-minded focus on just one thing at a time?.  I fear we have lived with too much multitasking and now struggle to be still.
Perhaps it is due to technology overload with nonstop internet and email access.  Perhaps it is a lack of discipline on our part in using the technology and managing our time.

The push to multitask at every turn in both our professional and private lives all day and evening has probably contributed to if not spawned a population that lacks the ability to truly concentrate.  Sometimes the Big Picture brought to us globally via the internet blinds us in seeing the methodical step-by-step process required in being productive.

Bad habits and poor time management cost the individual in terms of health wellness and productivity.  We are not built to do everything all at once for an indefinite period of time.

Multitasking without singular focus to each task is counter productive.

For example:  meetings should be a time for proper communication and interaction, but not the time to read emails on our laptops or phones.  If the meeting length needs to be adjusted, do it.  Budgets and Marketing Plans need to be created, reviewed, approved and implemented  in a focused fashion.  It is a stand alone activity.  There are additional examples that can be found that need single-minded effort such as scheduling staff, ordering linens, performing preventative maintenance, and evaluating property insurance.

If important tasks are not properly executed, the minimal benefit of “time savings”  actually costs more in financial and people terms.

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I am Publisher and Co-Founder of My background is in management, banking and finance with a Master's Degree concentration in Human Resources Management. In addition, I am a hospice volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona.
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