Starting Out in a Hospitality Career

Two burning questions need to be asked and answered on a daily basis. They are: 1) What do I want? and 2) What do I need?

Fulfill your needs while you focus on your wants. Doing this holds the vision for the future before you. Too many dreams are lost due to lack of vision or lack of active attention to the vision.

If you have never created a vision board before, now is the perfect time. Take a square of cardboard, a poster, a mirror or a bulletin board (either cork or french style) and affix words and pictures that capture the direction you want to go in terms of needs and wants for your career and life. Magazines are a great source for printed words and pictures. Use your imagination. A particular fortune from a Fortune Cookie, for example, may be included in your board along with your list of goals. Another suggestion is to include play money or Google blank check, find a blank bank check to download and/or print out. Make the check out to yourself, future date it and fill in the dollar amount you want your Net Worth to be by that future date.

The vision board brings your goals, needs and wants to life and keeps them visible when you place the board within daily view. In later years, it will be interesting to look back at the board and note how much of your vision has been fulfilled. New vision boards can be created over time when life changes take place. These changes may involve a career move, geographic move, or the start of a new life stage. Dream BIG. It is true that “a picture says a thousand (or more) words”!


About HospitalityEducators

I am Publisher and Co-Founder of My background is in management, banking and finance with a Master's Degree concentration in Human Resources Management. In addition, I am a hospice volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona.
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