What You Need to Know

Starting Out in a Hospitality Career

You are a hospitality student, on your way to graduation and eager to begin your career and make your mark.  Your enthusiasm for working in your field of study, confidence in the possibilities the future holds, and drive to succeed are your internal motivators.

You are not done learning, but just beginning.  Learning is a life-long journey, compelling each of us to learn more, adjust our thinking, refresh our passion, and update our skill sets in order to grow, thrive and contribute value.

Make it a habit to read 1 book about people in hospitality and/or business who have become successful in the area of your choice.  Do this for each of the next 6 months and note how your horizons have expanded.  Use many different sources and venues (books, magazines, social media, online services, etc.) when gathering information to limit biased perspectives.

Notice there has been no mention of money or fame as it will or will not come and probably rise and fall over time.  Certainly these are external motivators that can enhance the internal motivators already mentioned, but striking a balance between the two is very important.

Kathleen Hogan, HospitalityEducators.com


About HospitalityEducators

I am Publisher and Co-Founder of HospitalityEducators.com. My background is in management, banking and finance with a Master's Degree concentration in Human Resources Management. In addition, I am a hospice volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona.
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